Consultation & Custom Design Services

Grandmother Birch Forest Garden Design Consultations offers informed advice and design to homeowners, land owners, businesses, and community organizations who are motivated to apply forest gardening techniques, ecological landscaping, and permaculture principles to enhance their properties. Our consultations inspire possibilities to increase food security, promote wildlife habitat and pollination, regenerate soils, restore degraded land, and to create intriguingly beneficial tree-based landscapes that are multifunctional and beautiful.

Each consultation begins with your inquiry (phone or email) followed by our free response to your initial
inquiry. If you then wish to proceed with an on-site design consultation you may book an appointment and
we will visit to assess the property (Phase 1).

Phase 1: Minimum fee of $180 (plus travel)

Includes a two hour “walk about” of your property, a collaborative assessment of observations, and identification of your objectives. We follow our initial visit with a written summary report of findings, including a list of your objectives, a base map of your property, and suggestions for general ecological design elements that can meet your objectives - such as: recommendation of plant species, planting density, earth works, etc.

Phase 2: Consultations billed at $50.00/hour.

If you wish to proceed in amending and/or proceeding with the Phase 1 assessment, you may contract Grandmother Birch Forest Garden Designs to modify and implement the design. All consultations are co-participatory, meaning that the design evolves through continual input from both property owner and design consultant. The second phase of our design process includes:

1) Layer Mapping. This entails building your design by accounting for geo-spatial components including topography, slope and contour, basic soil analysis, off site vectors such as roadways and property lines, placement of buildings and existing plant species, sources of water for irrigation, and more;

2) Analysis of your design objectives with suggested solutions – The Design!!!;

3) A work plan;

4) Estimation of costs to complete the design

Phase 3: Installation of your design. Custom design installations are billed at $40.00/hour, and does not
include outside contractors and materials – such as trees and plants, nutrient inputs, mulch, and other
landscaping materials.

Each phase of our consultation process may stand on its own, or can become part of a multi-tiered design consultation and installation package.

CONTACT US to design innovative and resilient forest garden solutions!